About the Polygraph Institute of South Africa

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa was established in 1988 as one of the first and foremost entities to make polygraph services available to the public of South Africa. Since its debut the company has taken great strides in improving and expanding the profession, and even today is diligently working to provide our customers with the latest in advanced detection of deception technologies and services. The company is built on the foundation of ethical, fair and professional practice. We understand that our work is of great importance to every single examinee that walks into our office, to our clients, and to the public in general. This is why we demand that all the examiners affiliated with the Polygraph Institute of South Africa stay up to date with the latest research and development in the field, that they attend continuous training seminars and that they strive to always abide by the code of ethics and the standards of practice of the Polygraph Institute of South Africa.

The company also boasts a rigorous internal quality control process to ensure that not only ensures that all examiners maintain the highest level of practice for each examination that they conduct, but also allows for swift turn-around times in response to any questions or queries that we receive regarding any examination conducted on behalf of the company. The company has multiple highly qualified and experienced examiners that are capable of reviewing every examination conducted, and can render second opinion decision if required quickly and effectively. The examiners are also highly skilled and experienced in testifying as expert witnesses when submitting polygraph examinations to disciplinary hearings or arbitration processes.

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An Amalgamation of Professional Services

Today, the Polygraph Institute of South Africa is a proud member of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre, an amalgamation of professional services working in unison to provide clients with a comprehensive, all-inclusive service provided by experienced professionals. From psychometric assessments registered and classified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa, a wide range of background checks utilizing the latest fingerprint technology, large-scale screenings procedures with the aid of the latest American detection of deception technology, comprehensive integrity management programs and dynamic pre-employment screening programs customized to meet the needs of every individual client, there is no project to big or to small.

Pre-Employment Screenings



The Polygraph Institute of South Africa has always been the leading service provider for financial institutions, security companies, cash in transit companies, major transport and logistic companies, warehouses, mining operations and many others. Our decades of experience has allowed us to accumulate vast amounts of experience and knowledge with regards to the optimal means of implementation and execution of all our professional services. This means that we can customize our services to suit the needs and budget of your business. Big or small, we have a solution that will work for you. Let our years of experience work for you.

Advantages of Using the Polygraph Institute of South Africa

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa boasts a large number of highly qualified, accredited and experienced examiners. This means shorter waiting for our clients when making a booking, quicker turn-around times and the ability to conduct large scale examinations quickly, effectively and with highly competitive prices. All examiners are required to be members of their respective professional organizations and to attend continuous training seminars to ensure that we can provide the latest and most accurate techniques conducted in a fair, ethical and professional manner. The experience and expertise of our staff can not only assist clients to implement the examinations effectively suited to their unique individual needs, but can assist in helping them make the most of the results.

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