Accreditation and Professional Associations

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa understands that it has a responsibility towards the examinees, the clients and the public in general to conduct each examination with utmost quality and care. Each examiner is therefore required to be qualified from institutions accredited by the leading professional movements in South Africa. All polygraph examiners are required to be members of the Southern African Polygraph Federation; a divisional member of the American Polygraph Association, and the leading professional polygraph organization in Africa. This ensures that all examinations are conducted using scientifically validated question techniques, following strict standards of practice and all examiners act in accordance with a strict code of conduct.

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Dedicated to Evidence-Based Science & Practices

Established in 1966, the American Polygraph Association (APA) is the world's leading association dedicated to the use of evidence-based scientific methods for credibility assessment. The APA promotes the highest standards of professional, ethical and scientific practices for its 2700+ members through the establishment and publication of standards for professional practice including techniques, instrumentation, analysis, research, training and continuing education.

The American Polygraph Association (APA) is a professional organization that exists to provide training, model best practices, and offer professional resources for the continued growth of ethical and evidence- based detection of deception through the use of polygraph.  The APA membership consists of professional polygraph examiners, educators and researchers who share a common commitment to the public interest through the development, communication and promotion of valid and ethical polygraph practices.

SAPFED General Enquiries and Information -

The Home of Polygraph Professionals in Southern Africa

The Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED) is the polygraph association of choice of all professional polygraph examiners in South - and Southern Africa as SAPFED provides them with a united voice to promote and celebrate honesty, integrity and most of all, the true nature of Ubuntu.

SAPFED empowers its members to articulate the unique diverse, multi - cultural nature of forensic psycho-physiological detection of deception in Southern Africa, thereby contributing in a meaningful way to the science and practice of forensic psycho-physiological detection of deception with the aid of the polygraph technique.

SAPFED strives to promote the highest levels of professionalism in the field of forensic psycho-physiological detection of deception with the aid of the polygraph technique, in keeping with accepted international best practice.

Polygraph Training Courses

There are multiple training courses and institutions offering accredited polygraph training in South Africa. If you would like more information regarding any of the upcoming accredited training course, advanced training courses or annual training seminars presented in South Africa, please feel free to send us an email to:

Do note that the polygraph training institutions and organizations that present the professional development and advanced training seminars are independent and provide all training on their own accord. The Polygraph Institute of South Africa is however happy to provide the contact information and training details to any persons interested in enrolling to any of the courses.

Associate Companies

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa is a part of an amalgamation of professional service providers as a means of creating the most effective service delivery solutions to our clients. Not only that, but the company also works closely in conjunction with independent professionals to ensure that we are able to accommodate the needs of our clients, even if it falls out of our own portfolio. Do note that these associate companies act independently from the Polygraph Institute of South Africa, however we proudly endorse them as companies that have proven themselves time and time again.



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Uncompromisingly Professional

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa is your leading partner in polygraph examinations and integrity management solutions. A reputation take s a life-time to build, and with over 30 years of continuous professional and ethical service delivery our reputation is par excellence. Let our wisdom, crafted through years of dedication, work for you. We can assist our clients to gain the maximum benefit from correctly implementing the needed programs and procedures and use our vast array of experience accumulated over many years to guide and advise our clients where needed. Due to our size and affiliations, we can ensure professional and accurate services with integrated quality control procedures and information security protocols.

Trust the brand that is trusted by all leading brands in South Africa and across Africa, trust the Polygraph Institute of South Africa.