History of the Polygraph Institute of South Africa

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa was established in 1986 as one of the first companies to provide professional polygraph services to South African businesses and the public. The company was established with the goal of offering professional integrity assessment and detection of deception; often referred to as "lie detector" services to the private industry and public individuals in the country in a time when there were very few examiners who were qualified and capable of doing so. There was also a growing recognition that further research regarding the polygraph technique was necessary, and the Polygraph Institute of South Africa was keen to pioneer and coordinate such activities.

In 1992 the Polygraph Institute of South Africa opened its offices in Midrand to ensure that it was conveniently located to service the business sector situated in the Gauteng region. From their base of operations the company was able to deliver its professional services across Gauteng, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, Kempton Park, Germiston, Roodepoort, Sandton and anywhere else where needed. With a growing demand for professional polygraph services across the nation, the company established affiliate relationships with professional organizations situated in Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane, Bloemfontein and many other cities in South Africa to ensure effective and professional service delivery nationwide. Subsequently a great demand for professional polygraph services reached out from the rest of Africa, and as a result the Polygraph Institute of South Africa has made their services available in multiple African countries. The company has assisted in large scale operations in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Kenya, Swaziland and many other countries on the continent.

PISA Integrity Assessment Centre

Realizing the importance of offering comprehensive and customized solutions to a complex and dynamic market, the Polygraph Institute of South Africa started to expand its services by affiliating with highly qualified and experienced psychometric test specialists. This allowed the company to implement specialized integrity assessment tests designed to predict the work ethic and cognitive potential of employees, as well as identify potential risk factors of potential employees. The expansion into psychometric testing had greatly increased the ability of the company to combine different professional services to provide a superior and multi-faceted testing approach.

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre

By combining various specialized professional services the Polygraph Institute of South Africa became part of an amalgamated group capable of offering comprehensive services to target the unique individual needs of all potential clients, united under the banner of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre. From customized pre-employment applicant screenings, assisting in on-going investigations to continuous integrity management screening programs, the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre was able to develop and implement solutions to every need. It doesn't matter if your company, or its budget, is big or small, the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre can customize the implementation of its programs for the perfect fit.

Pre-Employment Screenings



In 2016 the company moved to its conveniently situated offices in Centurion where it continuous to grow to ensure that it can always provide the best and most accurate assessments. The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre remains at the forefront of polygraph and integrity assessments in South Africa; not only with regard to knowledge about the most advanced techniques, but also in respect of practical contribution to the profession in our country. In this regard, the company played a key role in establishing the Polygraph Association of South Africa (PASA) in 1995 and supported the establishment of the subsequent Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED). This association strives and works actively to promote excellence in the use of the polygraph in all areas of commerce and industry in South Africa.

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre remains the single biggest company specialising in polygraph and integrity assessment services in South Africa. We believe that professional service can only be provided by well-trained and experienced polygraph examiners and our team is continually kept up to date with the latest developments in the field.

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