Pre-Employment Polygraph Testing

A pre-employment polygraph test, often referred to as a lie detector test, is the most comprehensive and effective tool for screening potential employees before you hire them. Do you know who you are really inviting into your business? The pre-employment polygraph screening examination can provide valuable information to be used by human resources practitioners, managers and business owners to make the best decisions when selecting applicants for their company.

What Does a Pre-Employment Polygraph Test Entail?

Selected applicants are requested to fill out a questionnaire designed collect important information. The applicants are informed that they will be required to verify the information that they submit on the form with a polygraph examination. The questionnaire includes information regarding the applicants history, qualifications, previous employment history, and various other aspects such as drug and alcohol use, involvement in criminal activity and financial status. The information collected on the questionnaire can be customized to suit the relevance of the position for which the individual is applying and to target possible risk areas at the company. Once the questionnaire has been completed, the examiner will go through the form with the applicant in a structured interview.

A set of questions are selected after consultation with a representative to determine the information that is important to verify from applicants during the polygraph examination. Applicants are informed that being truthful during the pre-employment screening will be beneficial for them in the selection process. Once the applicants have been given the opportunity to admit any previous or historical infringement the questions are adapted to exclude any information volunteered by the applicant. The questions are discussed with the applicants to ensure that they understand the questions completely before the examination is administered. The examination process can determined if a person was truthful when answering the questions posed during the test. The information collected during the pre-employment screening process as well as the results of the polygraph examination can be invaluable to the company in making the best decisions to ensure the brightest future for their company.

Screen applicants with advanced lie detector and polygraph testing.

Who Should Use Polygraph Screenings for Employment?

With the high crime rate in South Africa and the competitive nature of employment, all companies are at risk of facing criminal activities. Statistics show that the majority of criminal activity occurs from inside a company. The short and long term damage that can occur from criminal activity and unethical behavior not only poses a threat to the safety and security of the staff members working in the company, but can financially devastating, impeding growth, creating a culture of distrust and fear and in some cases leading to bankruptcy. Small and big business alike has a responsibility to themselves, their customers and their staff to implement the empowering pre-employment screening process.

Security companies, cleaning companies, careworkers, teachers, cash-in-transit operators, various financial institutions and other service providers have long benefited from the power of knowledge offered by a proper pre-employment screening program. Ensuring that you have the right people posted at the site of your client is an undeniable responsibility that can make or break the success of any successful posting or operation. We spend fortunes implementing security systems, CCTV cameras and physical deterrents, yet often companies fail to execute due diligence when selecting the team who needs to use the equipment that we implement. Utilizing a well designed pre-employment screening program enhances the effectiveness of the entire security structure and mitigates potential threats to your own company, and the clients at which the selected staff are posted.

Retailers, logistics companies and even international mining operations have experienced the damage that can be caused from stock losses and theft. By carefully selecting staff members a company can minimize the damage of such theft by avoiding criminal activities and preventing syndicate operations. Validated and reliable screening techniques are perfect for identifying potential threats to your company before they are invited to become a part of your team.

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa can offer a professional solution to suit the needs and budget of any company, big or small. Let our years of experience and dedication to the field work to your advantage.


Save Money

Pre-employment screening programs can save your company money in the long and short term. By incorporating a successive hurdles screening approach companies can minimize the expensive of screening through a large number of people when making their selections. Employing the right people from the start can save money in damage, and save the company reputation by preventing criminal or unethical activities and long, drawn out legal procedures.

Prevent Criminal Activity

With a proper screening program your company can prevent persons with a criminal history or tendencies from gaining access to your business. This will drastically lower the risk of criminal or unethical activities occurring, and can prevent criminal groups and syndicates from gaining a foothold in your business.

Create a Culture of Integrity

Let everyone know that your business takes honesty and integrity seriously. A proper pre-employment screening program is the first step in creating a foundation of honesty and integrity which can be fostered into a cultural ethos and can help your business to grow into an ethical champion.

Background Vetting

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre can provide a wide range of personal information verifications, which is an easy to implement and most effective tool to learn more about the current staff members or applicants at a company. These verification checks can be done on an individual basis or can be selected to form part of a custom Pre-Employment screening package. A proper background verification is the most basic and least complex means of vetting an applicant to ensure that they were honest on various facets of their application. These verifications can provide vital information needed by companies before they commit to hiring an employee.

For more information, please visit the website of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre:


Psychometric Assessments

As part of an amalgamation of professional service providers, PISA Integrity Assessment Centre is able to offer a variety of professional psychometric assessments, all classified and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Psychometric assessments has gained popularity both nationally and internationally as one of the most effective tools utilised by human resources departments to employ and aid the development of employees. The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre offers a variety of psychometric tests that can assist a business in gaining a better understanding of the employees on multiple different facets

For more information regarding our wide range of psychometric assessments, please visit the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre website:


Pre-Employment Screenings

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre Pre-Employment Screening Program is an invaluable tool that provides any company the peace of mind that can only be provided by clarity. When used as part of an all-encompassing program including polygraph examinations, background verification products and psychometric testing we can offer the client an in-depth insight into their potential employee that cannot be obtained through any other means. The program can be implemented using the ‘Successive Hurdles’ methodology, making it a cost effective yet highly efficient means of ensuring that the company selects the right candidates.

For more information regarding our wide range of pre-employment screening tools, please visit the PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre website:

Pre-Employment Screenings

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