Specific Investigation Polygraph Testing

Did you have a burglary at work? Stolen stock or cash? Did someone steal diesel from your vehicles or perhaps a vehicle was stolen? These are simple a few examples of situations in which the use of specific incident polygraph testing can be of great value in an investigation. A specific incident polygraph examination, sometimes referred to as a lie-detector test, is an incredible forensic tool that can aid investigating teams and companies to in getting to the bottom of criminal or unethical activities that occurred.

What is a Specific Incident Polygraph Test?

A specific incident polygraph test is a powerful aid in investigating criminal incidents, theft, losses and a myriad of other incidents that occurred. Essentially, applicable persons are requested to undergo a polygraph examination regarding the matter under investigation and are requested to answer questions pertinent to the incident. The polygraph examination is a standardized test administered to a person in order to determine the probability of a person being truthful to predetermined questions.

The implementation of polygraph examinations in investigations can provide useful information to the company, investigating team or persons regarding the incident that simply can not be obtained in any other way. This information can guide the investigating team in where to focus their attention and resources. During the polygraph examination process a pre-examination interview is conducted with all the applicable persons during which vital information is gathered regarding the matter under investigation. Most agencies have found that the polygraph can be used most effectively to limit the number of suspects. The results can normally indicate which person/s was involved in the investigated matter, and in some instances admissions of guilt are obtained during or after a polygraph examination. This information can be essential to any company or investigating team in order to reach a successful conclusion.

Once the investigation is complete, polygraph examination results can be submitted as part of a bundle of evidence to strengthen the case of the company or investigating team during disciplinary hearings, arbitration or in criminal cases.

What are the Benefits of Using Polygraph Examinations in Investigations?

By implementing the use of polygraph examinations to aid in specific investigations, companies can not only save a lot of time, money and effort in both the short and long terms, but they preferred a unique means for the innocent persons implicated in the incident under investigation to vindicate themselves. This helps rebuilding or maintaining the trust relationship between employees in the company. As many human resources practitioners know, criminal or unethical activities can be devastating for the relationship between employees and employer and colleagues. Polygraph examinations offers everyone the opportunity to assist in the matter under investigation and to assist in proving their own innocence.

Investigations can be lengthy processes, which only makes the toll on morale and the company's operations ability even worse. Specific incident polygraph examinations can be implemented quickly and with great effect. This will allow the company or investigating team to deal with the matter swiftly and effectively. The results of the polygraph examinations can point the investigating team in the right direction to save time and resources. In some cases polygraph examinations may lead to confessions or admissions, or can provide the crucial information needed to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

Not only will specific incident polygraph examinations assist in the investigation itself, but once the investigation has been concluded the examinations can be used as part of a bundle of evidence in disciplinary hearings and arbitration. The strength of the examination and report is based on the qualifications and experience of the examiner, how the polygraph examination process was implemented, and whether valid and reliable examination techniques were utilized during the examinations. This is one of the reasons why it is important to make use of an accredited professional polygraph examiner. Failure on the part of an examiner to act ethically or to implement scientifically valid and reliable techniques can not only prejudice against the employees of a company or persons being investigated, but can be very costly in the long term when the evidence is rejected.

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Why Use the Polygraph Institute of South Africa?

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa has been active for over 30 years and has assisted in thousands of investigations in over 7 different countries. The examiners of the company are all qualified and accredited and has experience in working with investigations including theft, murder, sabotage, fraud, hijacking, assault, abuse, corruption, syndicate operations, drug abuse and various other criminal and unethical activities. The experience of the polygraph examiners can be crucial in assisting you to implement the polygraph examination correctly for maximum benefit and they can provide assistance and advice where needed.

The examiners of the Polygraph Institute of South Africa have successfully testified in multiple disciplinary hearings, arbitration meetings, CCMA cases and other legal proceedings. Their experience, accreditation and training can be an invaluable asset in assisting clients to make the most of the polygraph results as part of a bundle of evidence.

We understand the importance and sensitivity of implementing polygraph examinations as part of an investigation, and strive to ensure that every examination is conducted fairly, ethically and in accordance with the highest standards of practice.

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town to Africa . . .

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa has successfully concluded investigations across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Boksburg, Sandton, Bloemfontein, Polokwane and all the way to Cape Town in a variety of cases. Not to mention the great success we had in operations across Africa, from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Swaziland, Angola and many more. The Polygraph Institute of South Africa has been active for over 30 years. Let our years of experience and wisdom crafted through dedication to the field work for you. Big or small, we can have the solution that will fit your company and your investigation.

Polygraph Examinations and Lie Detector Testing

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